Welcome To Erika’s Kitchen

We are a family-operated business with a long tradition of producing gourmet hand-made real fruit teas.

Before sodas and other mass-produced beverages were invented and became popular, people made their own fruit drinks, freshly-harvested from their own garden or foraged from nearby areas. They enjoyed REAL fruit taste, free of any artificial additives and preservatives. Using an old traditional family recipe, we made our own fruit teas with the same, authentic and fresh taste – all hand.

From the traditional recipe, we created our own original mix. We added multiple healthy spices, herbs, fruits, and lemon to get more flavor and accentuate the taste of our fruit teas.

We make our fruit teas solely from natural ingredients – nothing is artificial. Our teas are naturally sweet from real fruits. No special additives needed. Our blended mixtures are a healthier choice compared with other sugared drinks, fruit juices, and sodas.

Erika’s REAL Fruit Tea is also a labor of love

What REAL Fruit Tea is Made of:

Our fruit teas include real fruits – cherry, apple, pear, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, cranberry, plum, orange, peach, and mango. Many of our fruit teas contain various mixes of fruits, herbs, and spices. All of our ingredients are 100% natural, with real fruit bits.

How to Prepare

Our 6 oz jar of real fruit tea concentrate makes 4-6 glasses.

Stir mixture well in jar. Pour 8 oz of boiling or cold water over 2-3 tbps. of Erika’s REAL fruit tea. Stir well until the concentrate blends fully with the water. Top with slices of lemon, add honey or ice.

Serve chilled on warmer days, and as a warm drink during cold days.

Refrigerate after opening!